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In case of any appeal or complaint regarding certification services, certified companies or any other appeal please mail us on contact@euroassessments.co.uk Written complaints may be received from customers, suppliers, Euro assessments staff or third parties about Euro assessments or a Euro assessments certified client.

Appeals & Complaints

All complaints (or disputes) are referred to the impartiality committee. The person making the complaint must be informed that the problem is being recorded and will be thoroughly investigated.Third parties will not be informed of the outcome of an investigation as this would also be a breach of Euro assessments -client confidentiality.

Complaints about Euro assessments certified clients will usually be investigated during the next scheduled surveillance visit. Where the severity of the type or level of complaints indicates a breakdown in the clients quality system then a special visit shall be authorised; where significant problems are found then the assessor may recommend that the certificate be suspended or withdrawn.

EURO ASSESSMENTS redresses all appeals received formally from its clients, to handle appeals :

  • EURO ASSESSMENTS follows a documented process to receive, evaluate and make decisions on appeals.
  • EURO ASSESSMENTS will be responsible for all decisions at all levels of the appeals-handling process.
  • EURO ASSESSMENTS will ensure that the persons engaged in the appeals-handling process are different from those who carried out the audits and made the certification decisions.
  • Submission, investigation and decision on appeals will not result in any discriminatory actions against the appellant.
  • The appeals-handling process includes at least the following elements and methods:
  • An outline of the process for receiving, validating and investigating the appeal, and for deciding what actions need to be taken in response to it, taking into account the results of previous similar appeals;
  • Tracking and recording appeals, including actions undertaken to resolve them;
  • Ensuring that any appropriate correction and corrective action are taken.
  • EURO ASSESSMENTS on receiving the appeal will be responsible for gathering and verifying all necessary information to validate the appeal.
  • EURO ASSESSMENTS will acknowledge receipt of the appeal and provide the appellant with progress reports and the result of the appeal.
  • The decision to be communicated to the appellant willbe made by, or reviewed and approved by, individual(s) not previously involved in the subject of the appeal
  • EURO ASSESSMENTS will give formal notice to the appellant of the end of the appeals handling process.