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Management System Certification

Euro Assessments is a leading certification body providing independent management system certifications to various industries like manufacturing, construction, mining, power, banking, healthcare, hospitality, IT and service by means of independent 3rd party audits with the help of qualified and competent auditors.

Third party audit services

A supplier audit is when an organisation audits a supplier to ensure that they are meeting requirements specified in a contract. These audits can be conducted on-site by reviewing processes or off-site by reviewing documentation submitted by the supplier, ensuring quality across your supply chain.

Inspection and Testing Services

In commercial transactions, many organizations employ the services of inspection agents to ensure the shipment quantity and product quality is in conformity with contractual requirements. The professional inspection operations of Euro Assessments offer strong logistic support to clients when quality issues. All inspections can be carried out to ISO 17020 Requirements.

Product Certification

As the world’s leading testing, inspection, verification and Certification Company, we offer unrivalled experience and expertise in product certification. Plus, our unique global network has accreditations to all major standards and regional regulations.

Management System Training

Euro Assessments is a leading global service provider of training, knowledge on standards, and information and management systems to business improvement.

Other International Certification

Our world-leading certification services enable you to demonstrate that your products, processes, systems or services are compliant with national and international regulations and standards.


If you are serious about receiving value from the certification process and you want to be associated with a prestigious internationally recognised Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) with a proven track record of excellence; then the obvious choice is Euro Assessments & Certification Ltd.



Certification Policy

The Euro Assessments aims to promote, encourage awareness, environmental responsibility and help to continuously improve certification management issues within industry, commerce and the public domain.

Impartiality Policy

Euro Assessments (including its staff, auditors, subcontractors and Franchisee Partners) shall not participate in the designing, implementation or maintenance (including Internal Audit) of the management systems

Why Work With us

Our purpose is to make a significant contribution to the protection and improvement of society as a whole by making all organizations more robust in front of the increasingly competitive business environment


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Fair and use a practical approach to auditing which has aided in the development of a good working relationship between our organisations.” Leading IT Company

Mr. George

Auditors have a pragmatic approach. We find that the audit process benefits our organisation greatly and helps us to continually improve our quality. Leading Manufacturing Company

Mr. David Johnson

They executed the audit schedule in a timely and professional manner. We found the audits very rewarding. I would have no problem recommending Euro Assessments to any organisation considering certification.” Leading Logistic Company

Ms. Sarah James

Frequently Asked Questions.!!

Now that I have selected Euro Assessments, who will be my contact?

In the short term, you may continue to work with the Client Relations Manager who has been assisting you through the selection process. However, for audit-related information, your primary contact, and the person best equipped to help you will be your assigned lead auditor.

How can I verify the ISO certificate?

The certificate is issued from a premium certification body and it can be verified from its Certification & accreditation body website. Every certificate comes with a unique certification number.

When will I receive a certificate?

Once the recommendation is accepted by the Certification Panel team you could expect your formal certificates in about 7 to 12 working days, which is approximately 2 weeks from the initial audit.

What will my assigned lead auditor want to know when he/she makes initial contact with me?

Your assigned lead auditor will want to discuss your expected timing for the required certification activities such as document review and the initial assessment. He/she will need to know if you have elected to have a pre-assessment.

Will there be a charge for my certificates?

Euro Assessments will provide two copies of the certificates at cost included in your certification cost. Additional copies may be obtained for an additional charge of $50 each.

If I am not sure when I want to schedule an auditing activity such as the document review or initial assessment how much notice does my assigned auditor need?

Your assigned lead auditor could be “booked” as far ahead as 3 to6 months or more. It is a good idea to “reserve” time on their schedule that is realistic and achievable. Should you cancel a scheduled time without ample notice, your assigned lead auditor may or may not be able to accommodate your needs. In that case, another lead auditor may be assigned to your account.